SSG Hayward Grubbs
HSB, 2/9th Arty
Ammo Section Chief
Four tours of duty in Vietnam
Ran for office of Magistrate

SSG Grubbs was in charge of the ASP (ammunition supply point) at LZ Oasis in 1969.

October 30, 1931 - October, 1974  (Kentucky)




Hayward and I shared the same tent when I was in on LZ Oasis, in 1969. I shared many conversations and enjoyed his company. "Grubsie" was a rather quiet person, but when we sat around in the tent in the evening he would share his stories and laugh and cut-up like everybody else. His job was that of the NCO in charge of the ASP (Ammo Supply Point. Hayward, was the person who would receive all the ammunition, be it large for artillery, or rifle size, by truck convoy. The ammo was stored in a fairly large area on the firebase on the outer area. An ASP is an area where the dirt is mounded fairly high to protect it and the surrounding area from massive explosions if detonated. Grubsie was the man in charge and did a remarkable job with all that responsibility. Hayward liked to drink a beer or two in the evening when the days work was done and he would talk about going home and driving a school bus. I am so sorry for your loss so many years ago. He is someone I have referred to so many times for the memory of his laid back ways and his stories of seemed to be a wonderful life back home. Nothing was ever mentioned, about kids or family, by him. 

Good man, always did his job and enjoyable to serve with. 

Bob McLaughlin