PFC Walt J. Schneidereit
FDC - "A" Battery
1969 - 1970



PFC Schneidereit initially served at "A" Battery until 1970 as the war was winding down.  He transferred to the 5/16th Artillery before

returning home.  Walter Schneidereit's passing at the age of 72 has been announced by English Funeral Chapel in Coeur d'Alene, ID.  




Walt was one of the greatest contributors to the data you are seeing on The Mighty Ninth website.  Walt furnished the actual Payroll Data sheets for April and October, 1969 for every unit of our 2/9th FA Battalion.  This amazing file allowed MANY of the 2/9th FA brothers to find the correct name and spelling for a lot of their unit members.  It has been an extremely valuable resource ever since its receipts.

Let us salute and remember Walt Schneidereit!

Lt Dennis L Dauphin