"B" Battery, 2/9th
1966 - 1967



John Nash left the service 1969 or 1970.  He and my mom married in 1973. They had me in 1978. He started his own heating and air conditioning company in the late 70's and we lived in Albany, GA. They had my little brother in 1990. He had a lot of health problems for years. He gained a lot of weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. 

In Sept 2003, my dad had to have surgery to drain an abscess in his abdomen. Surgery went well, but he had a heart attack while in recovery and he went into a coma, he never came out of it. We had a nice service for him and we laid him to rest in Andersonville National Cemetery. I have had the flag that they gave my mom at his funeral, it has been in the plastic cover that they put it in. This past Sunday I finally bought a display case for it, inside the plastic cover along with the flag was his original DD214 and his 25th Infantry Division patch...all these years and I didn't even know it was in there.


submitted by John's daughter, Ms Johnnie Woodcock