15 April 1966


At 3d Bde
General Critz Briefed On Vietnam Artillery

 Maj. Gen. Harry H. Critz, commanding general of the U. S. Army Artillery and Missile Center, Ft. Sill, Okla., last week visited 3d Bde (25th Inf Div). and received extensive briefings on brigade operations.

General Critz was met at the camp helipad by Lt. Col. Saul A. Jackson, 2/9th Arty. commander, and Lt. Col. George A. Scott, CO, 2/35th Inf.

Colonel Scott briefed the general on brigade activities since its arrival in the Republic of Vietnam last December (1965).  He also took the Ft. Sill commander on a tour through his “Cacti Blue” battalion area and perimeter.

Colonel Jackson and members of his staff briefed General Critz on the “Mighty Ninth” Artillery, including the problems the battalion has encountered because of Vietnam’s peculiar “no front” warfare.    Among problems discussed were the increased need in certain areas for additional men and equipment; the general use of “6400 mil,” or 360 degree firing; the widespread operation areas using separate artillery batteries far removed from battalion control;  extensive use of helicopters in artillery operations; and problems involving Vietnam’s terrain and climate.

{Courtesy "Tropic Lightning" magazine}


Webmaster's Note:  So....we had problems in Vietnam.  Ya think??