"The Kings of Battle"
2nd Bn, 9th Field Artillery
providing direct fire support to elements of the:

25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning)
3rd Brigade Special Task Force
(Dec, 1965 to Aug, 1967)


4th Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade (Ivy)
( 1 Aug, 1967 to April, 1970)


In Direct Support Of:

"A" Battery 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment
"B" Battery 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment
"C" Battery 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment
"D" Battery (Provisional)** 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment

                 *As of Dec, 65.  Subsequent alignments subject to op orders and mission requirements.

** "D" Battery was a provisional setup for OPERATION PERSHING  as follows:
"Battery "D" (Provisional), 2d Battalion, 9th Artillery was formed  on 2 March 1967 by taking four 105mm howitzer sections 
and necessary personnel and equipment from Headquarters and Service Battery, Battery "A", and Battery "B", 
2d Battalion, 9th Artillery.    Battery "D" had the mission of direct support of the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, for the 
period 2-16 March 1967.  On 16 March 1967, Battery "D" was dissolved, to be reformed on 17 March in the same 
manner and given the mission of direct support of the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, for the 
period 17 March - 3 April 1967.   Battery "D" was again dissolved".  
SOURCE: After Action Report

Recognition of the men who served on the Command & Staff with the 2/9th FA
 as part of their tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam, 1966 - 1970.

LtCol Frederick L. Ingham Bn CO, 1965
LtCol Saul A. Jackson
(dec 9Sep02)
Bn CO, 1966

LtCol Bruce Holbrook
(dec 13Nov95)

Bn CO, 1966
LtCol Gerald B. Bobzien
(dec 2Apr16)
Bn CO, 1967
LtCol Richard I. Wiles Bn CO, 1968
LtCol Redmond "Red" Forrester
(dec July, 2008)
Bn CO, 1969
LtCol Charles D. Richards Bn CO, 1970
Maj Roger L. Bernardi
(dec 8Feb2019)
Bde Liaison Off
Capt Stuart Royle
Bde Liaison Off
Capt David P. Scott Bde Liaison Off
Maj Luther Vann Bde Liaison Off
Capt Carlton Epps Bn Liaison Off
Capt Doug Johnson Bn Liaison Off
Capt Ron A. Norris
Bn Liaison Off
Capt Jim (Terry) Pierson Bn Liaison Off
Capt Carl Morin Bn Liaison Off
Capt Charles Jackson Bn Liaison Off
Capt Dick Younger Bn Liaison Off
Lt John Hartley, Jr Bn Liaison Off
Maj Joseph M. Bowers Bn XO
Maj Paul E. Lenhart Bn XO
Maj Harry D. Penzler  Bn XO
Capt Ronald Von Freymann Bn S-1
Lt David Barr Bn S-1
Maj Willie J. Condry Bn S-1
Lt Richard H. Bateman Bn S-1
Lt Frank D. Herbick Bn S-1
Capt Thomas L. Pryor Bn S-1
Lt Milton C. Thomason Asst Bn S-1
Lt Charles Stout Bn S-2
Capt Carlton Epps Asst Bn S-3
Maj Bill Schneider Bn S-3
Maj Stuart E.  Wright Bn S-3, Bn XO
Maj Donald  Eichelbarger Bn S-3, Bn XO
Maj Joseph Bowers Bn S-3, Bn XO
Maj Reynaldo Sanchez Bn S-3
Maj Jerry P. Orr Bn S-3
Capt (Maj) Vincente DeJesus Bn Asst S-3
Lt Carlton Epps Bn Asst S-3
Capt David G. Scott Bn Asst S-3
Lt Chris Q. Herrick Bn Asst S-3
Sp4 John Moon Mullins Bn Asst S-3, TOC
Capt Howard "Dutch" Hutsell
Bn S-4
Capt Dick E.  Dwinell Bn S-4
Lt Steven Riley Huffstutler Asst Bn FDO
Lt Mike Kurtgis DivArty AO
Lt Patrick J.  Kasperbauer
Bn Aerial Observer
Lt Jim Deloney Bn Aerial Observer
Lt Dennis Munden Bn Aerial Observer
Lt (Gary) Dean Springer Bn Ammo Officer
WO Emil Franklin Bn Radar Officer
CSM Howard E. Hughes Bn CSM
Capt James N. Aragaki
(dec 27Feb03)
Capt Robert D. Baird HHB
Capt Kent L. Confer HHB
Capt Dick E.  Dwinell HHB
Capt John C. Jenkins HHB
Lt Patrick J. Kasperbauer
Capt Carl Morin
Capt Ronald VonFreymann HHB
Capt John S. Waller HHB
Lt Russel T. Owen HHB
Capt Richard Keith Carlton "A" Btry, CO
Capt Joe Cummings "A" Btry CO
Capt Fagan "A" Btry, CO
Capt John Ferguson, Jr "A" Btry, CO
Capt Richard G. Higgins "A" Btry, CO
Capt John S. Williams "A" Btry CO
Capt Bob Richardson "A" Btry CO
Capt Gary E. Yurkas "A" Btry, CO
Lt Don L. Blankin
(dec 29Jul21)
"A" Btry FDO
Lt Kermit  L. DeVaughn
"A" Btry FDO
Capt Mike A. Casp
(KIA) The VN Wall
"A" Btry, CO,
(KIA Nov, 1967)
Lt Raymond Beebe, Jr "A" Btry, XO
Lt Jerry R. Benton "A" Btry, XO
Lt Jim M. Daly, Jr "A" Btry, XO
Lt Dennis L. Dauphin "A" Btry, XO
Lt Carlton Epps "A" Btry, XO
Lt Bert G. Landau "A" Btry, XO
Lt Pat McGinnis "A" Btry, XO
Lt Jim McHugh
"A" Btry, XO
Lt Malcolm Spencer
(dec 5Apr19)
"A" Btry, XO
Capt Donovan "B" Btry, CO
Capt Ellis Giles, Jr "B" Btry, CO
Capt David A. Horswell "B" Btry, CO
CPT Jones "B" Btry, CO
Capt Jack Osborne "B" Btry, CO
Capt Frederick Rice "B" Btry, CO
Capt James Starkey "B" Btry, CO
Capt Thomas K. Trigg IV "B" Btry, CO
Lt Max R. Barron "B" Btry, XO
Lt John P. Duffy "B" Btry, XO
Lt Mike Strickland "B" Btry, XO
Lt Ed McNew "B" Btry XO
Lt Mike Aiken "B" Btry FDO
Lt Moyers "B" Btry FDO
Lt Robert Ness "B" Btry FDO
Lt Wayne D. George "B" Btry FDO
Capt Vincente DeJesus "C" Btry, CO
Capt Dick E. Dwinell "C" Btry, CO
Capt Earl Finley "C" Btry, CO
Capt Richard G. Higgins "C" Btry, CO
Capt Howard "Dutch" Hutsell
"C" Btry, CO
Capt Ricardo A. Morales "C" Btry, CO
Capt Myers "C" Btry, CO
Capt John B. Oliver "C" Btry, CO
Capt John Rose "C" Btry, CO
Capt David G. Scott "C" Btry, CO
Capt Dick Younger "C" Btry, CO
Lt Wayne T. Crochet "C" Btry, XO
Lt Richard (Dick) Ellegood "C" Btry, XO
Lt Carlton Epps "C" Btry, XO
Lt William H. Hunnicutt "C" Btry, XO
Lt Jon M. Kuney "C" Btry, XO
Lt John Murphy "C" Btry, XO
Lt (Gary) Dean Springer "C" Btry, XO
Lt Rainer Stutt "C" Btry, XO
Lt Jeffry L. Toperzer "C" Btry, XO
Lt (Gary) Dean Springer "D" Btry CO (Temp Ops)
Lt Chris Q. Herrick "D" Btry CO (Temp Ops)
Lt John Murphy "D" Btry XO (Temp Ops)
1SG Halderman 1SG, "A" Btry
1SG James E. McPeek 1SG, "A" Btry
1SG Clifford J. Pullan 1SG, "B" Btry
1SG William R. Rollins 1SG, "A" Btry
1SG James Henry 1SG, "C" Btry
1SG Wiley S. Taylor 1SG, "C" Btry
MSG William O. "Top" Davis HHB
SSgt Frank Venegas
CFB, "A" Btry, 66-67
SFC Therman L. Lowery CFB, "B" Btry, 66-67
SSgt David P. Spears
CFB, "B" Btry
KIA, July 1966
SSG Kenneth "Bodie" Biggers Section Chief
"A" Btry, 68 - 69
SSG Carlos Olonia Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SSG Lake Andrews Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SSG Henry Collier Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SSG Artie Geter Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SGT Charles Holt Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SSG Clyde Kilgore Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SSG Jim "Tex" Shelton Section Chief
"A" Btry, 69-70
SFC Charles Wahlquist Section Chief
"A" Btry, 68-69
SSG Emmett Yates Section Chief
"A" Btry, 67-68
SFC Jesse C. Hagemann Section Chief
"B" Btry, 66-67
SGT Donald Hardy Section Chief
"B" Btry, 68-69


Sp4 Robert Galbraith Hq Svc Btry
Sgt James L. Jenkins Hq Svc Btry
Sp6 Bob McLaughlin Mess Sgt, Hq Svc Btry
Sp4 Dante Pucetti  HHB, DivArty, Survey
Sp4 Ronald D. Riddle Medic, Hq Svc Btry
Sp4 Paul J. Howe, Jr TOC, Opns


Sp5 Bob L Burnett FDC
"A" Battery, 68-69
Sp5 Clint Curry FDC, FO Party
"A" Battery, 68-69
Sp5 Larry Engels Mess Sgt; Cannoneer
"A" Btry, 69-70
Sp4 Richard "Rick" Ericksen
37 Sierra Rick Slick
Cannoneer, FO Party
"A" Btry, 69-70
Sp4 Ronald Hammond Cannoneer
"A" Btry, 67-68
Sp4 Jim Hurdle FDC
"A" Battery, 68-69
Sp4 Eugene "George" Jarisch FDC
"A" Battery, 68-69
Sgt John P Kuntz Cannoneer
"A" Btry
PFC Greg Malnar Cannoneer, FO Party, FDC
"A" Btry, 67-68
CPL Lonnie O. Marshall Cannoneer
"A" Btry, 1966 - 1967
Sp4 John Waldman FDC, FO Party, Cannoneer
"A" Btry, 66-67


PFC Lawrence Bentman Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 1966-67
SGT John Bowden Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 68-70
SP4 Larry Black FDC
 "B" Btry, 1966-67
SP4 Gayle Bruening BC's Driver
"B" Btry, 1966-67
PFC Joseph H. Cook FDC; BC's Driver
"B" Btry, 1966-67
PFC Hector Desaedeleer Parts Specialist
"B" Btry, 1969-70
PFC Larry J. Dodd Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 1966-67
Sgt Sherm Machgan Cannoneer
"B" Btry
SP4 John McBrayer, Jr FDC
"B" Btry, 1966-67
PVT John B. Nash
"B" Btry, 1966-67
Sp5 PJ Newlin FDC
"B" Btry, 1966-67
Sp4 Tom Roman
"B" Btry
Cpl William C. Tyler Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 1966-67
PFC Vincent Vigliotti Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 1966-67
PFC J. William Ward Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 1968 - 1969
PFC Richard "Willy" Williams Cannoneer
"B" Btry, 1968 - 1969


Sp5 John Benedict FDC
"C" Btry, 1968-69
Sp4 Ron Goldmaker FO Party; FDC
Sp4 Roger L. Hackworth Cannoneer
"C" Btry, 1968-69
Sp4 Martin "Buzz" Nelson Generator Mechanic
"C" Btry, 1968-69
Sp4 Sam Nieto
(deceased 2020)
"C" Btry, 1967-68
PFC Eugene R. Purcell Cannoneer
"C" Btry, 1968-69
SSG James Starley Radar Section Chief
"C" Btry, 1967-68
PFC Mitchell Wisniewski Cannoneer
"C" Btry, 1969-70


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